Khylov (khylov) wrote,


Since Livejournal's not known for being the bottom of the emotional barrel for the spoiled youth of America - and since this account's getting hits on google - I might as well make it another online gallery for me works. Enjoy, folks.

Hunter Thompson: Bite The Mouth That Feeds -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Acanthostega and Polydactyly -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Tiger Maze -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Prawngelos -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Kikuchiyo, Bamboo Mat 2 -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Orthodoxus -by Kyle Shockley, Khylov

Krupa Troopa -by Khylov, Kyle Shockley

Sahar Poreh Campaign -by Khylov
Tags: acanthostega, bamboo, beatboards, church, drums, gonzo journalism, graphic design, guns, illustration, jazz, khylov, krupa, logos, mujahideen, orthodox, sketch dump, sketches, storyboards, vignettes
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